The Gangster Chronicles

Former Death Row record security Reggie Wright Jr., a former Compton PD officer, Street Reputable "M.O.B." James McDonald and Sociologist Alex Alonso chronicle the biggest members of the gangster underworld while exploring the criminal element in the streets, entertainment and politics, while looking for possible solutions to stop the senseless violence that plague ghettos around the world.

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The Perfect Storm

In this episode, Big James introduces the world to his late brother Big Buntry's son, Ace, They also touch on the Dallas police shooting case and the verdict (...

Shut Up Ft. Spider Loc

In this episode of The Gangster Chronicles we have special guest Spider Loc in the house and Big James has some words for Daz Dillinger. The Gangster...

Get out your feelings

Tonight, TGC gets into the lil Boosie situation and breaks down the real on situations recently spoke on by Snoop Dogg. Lets go!

The Mind Of Malone Part 1

The crew chops it up with rapper Glasses Malone and of course discusses his controversial record "Tupac Must Die". James & Reggie then goes into great...