Gone Cold: Philadelphia Unsolved Murders | A KYW Newsradio True Crime Podcast

Gone Cold is a true crime podcast about cold cases, from KYW Newsradio. Tom
Rickert and Kristen Johanson explore unsolved murder mysteries in and around
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Episode 9: The Boy in the Box

In February of 1957 the body of a young boy was found in a box in the woods near Susquehanna Road in Philadelphia. More than 60 years later, the identity of...

Episode 8: Jennifer

Jennifer Tong was taken from her Marple Township home and murdered in 1993. Her children were 11 and 14 years old, left without a mother. Jeanette Tong doesn't...

The Incredible Life of Pete Kane

Pete Kane is a photojournalist at NBC10 in Philadelphia. You met him in Episode 7: Officer Cione -- he talked about what it was like living in the neighborhood...

LIVE! Crime Scenes & Updates

Kristen and Tom took Gone Cold to a live audience for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival at the end of July. Special guests Jacque Davis and Greg Yatcilla dive...

Gerald Ross was Shot in a Church

You met Gerald Ross Jr. in Episode 7: Officer Cione. He was a police officer and homicide detective in Philadelphia in the 60s and 70s -- one of the detectives...

Episode 7: Officer Cione

On Jan. 30, 1970, Officer Frederick Cione was shot and killed on Oxford Street in North Philadelphia. He was 25 years old. Nearly 50 years later, his killing...