GutwiZdom with Deidre Koppelman and Jon (aka; JG) Gassman
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GutwiZdom – Finding Your Why

Saturday, May 5th
It’s not very often that we wake up inspired, motivated and deeply fulfilled with how we spend our hours at work. This week, GutwiZdom guest, Matt Spielman...

GutwiZdom – Unsafe Thinking

Saturday, April 28th
In a time when we might be feeling distracted and be carrying a lot of pressure on our shoulders, author Jonah Sachs joins GutwiZdom to talk about his new book...

GutwiZdom – #metoo

Saturday, April 21st
Sexual harassment in the workplace is at epidemic proportion. And, it’s not limited to women. A hostile workplace environment, which includes sexual harassment...

GutwiZdom – QUIRKY!

Saturday, April 14th
What separates an innovator, from a radical innovator? Think about Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. What specific...