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Optimism Over Reopening Make Stocks Surge

Guy Benson Show - 5-26-2020 [00:00:00] 3:06 pm - Guy Opening Monologue [00:14:59] 3:26 pm - Joe Biden Comments [00:18:17] 3:35 pm - Jonah Goldberg ~ Editor in...

Who Let The Dogs Out!? Christine.

Christine Gets A Sweet, Sweet Doge. The Team Talks Shopping Cart Etiquette Packing On The COVID-15 Curious Christine: Guy Trains Christine On Her New Pup

Karl Rove, Byron York & Brad Thor

Guy Benson Show - 5-21-2020 [00:00:00] 3:06 pm - Guy's Opening Monologue [00:14:14] 3:25 pm - Guy's Opening Monologue Continued [00:18:17] 3:35 pm - Guy 's...