Health Care Matters with Hartford HealthCare

HealthCare Matters is a monthly, radio series that aims to further the
conversation about health care: what works, what doesn't work-- and how do we
bridge the gap. Why are patients and their families struggling to manage
their health care? Why must they feel they are swimming from one island of
care to another with no bridges to connect them. Join the conversation, and
tune in to Health Care Matters.

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HealthCare Matters 6/24/18

Sunday, June 24th
On This Sunday’s Health Care Matters, Making Every Moment Matter In Healthcare. How The Seemingly Small Moments Can Have The Biggest Impact. Join Hosts Elliot...

HealthCare Matters 2/11/18

Sunday, February 11th
Disrupting health care from within. Elliot Joseph delves into the topic of disruption in health care-- and why he doesn't fear disruption, but welcomes it.

HealthCare Matters 1/21/18

Saturday, January 20th
On this Sunday’s HealthCare Matters, transforming medical education. The university of Vermont’s Larner College of medicine will become the first U.S. medical...

HealthCare Matters 11/19/17

Sunday, November 19th
Could Big Data Save Your Life? Don't miss world renown analytics expert from MIT, Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas. Big data is everywhere... would you believe it might...

HealthCare Matters 9/17/17

Sunday, September 17th
On This Sunday’s Health Care Matters, Retail Health: The new healthcare experience. What should healthcare learn from retail? Join hosts Elliot Joseph and...