Healthy Rounds

Dr. Anthony Alessi is joined by experts to discuss the most important medical topics each week. Dr. Alessi served as medical director of the Backus Hospital stroke center for six years and writes a bi-weekly column, “Healthy Sports,” for the Norwich Bulletin that is syndicated through GateHouse Media, and currently serves as an on-air contributor for ESPN.
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Healthy Rounds 7/7/18

Saturday, July 7th
Dr. Alessi discusses anxiety-related disorders with Dr. Caleb Peck of the Clarus Health Alliance

Healthy Rounds 6/23/18

Saturday, June 23rd
Dr. Alessi discusses new information regarding the treatment of breast cancer with Dr. Niamey Wilson.

Healthy Rounds 6/16/18

Saturday, June 16th
Dr. Alessi discusses recent trends in suicide with Dr. David Bendor and new developments in homecare with Mr. Jonah Francis.

Healthy Rounds 5/19/18

Saturday, May 19th
Dr. Alessi discusses the 50th Special Olympics Summer Games with Mr. Beau Doherty and new information about stroke with Dr. Neer Zeevi.