Huddle Up with Gus

Former NFL quarterback, Gus Frerotte, and long-time friend Dave Hager talk with guests about when they fell in love with sports, how sports taught them to overcome adversity and help shape their path to success.

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Sports and Recreation


Joe Theismann

Super Bowl champion and legendary quarterback, Joe Theismann joins the huddle. We talk; his motivation to start playing football, how he changed the...

Weekly Huddle #7

This week Gus and Dave talk; - Dave's "interesting" visit to the doctor - Gus goes back to college for parent's weekend - An exciting announcement about our...

Tony Pease

The founder of GoodBookey a sports-based charity fundraising platform, he also founded Carimus, a computer software company, Tony Pease joins the Huddle...

Weekly Huddle #6

In this week's edition of the Weekly Huddle; - Gus (almost) deletes the website - We come up with Dave t-shirt designs - Cam-Quarter turns 23

Weekly Huddle #5

In this week's installment of the Weekly Huddle Gus and Dave talk; - Past and Present Nicknames they've received - Dave's adventures at Primanti Bros - Gus'...

Cathy Lanier

NFL Head of Security, Cathy Lanier, joins the Huddle. Lanier was the first woman to become chief of police in Washington D.C. and gives public speeches about...