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Every Celebrity is Getting Dumped

This week on Internetty, Justin and Peyton do a deep dive into celebrity quarantine breakups (RIP Cara and Ashley). Also in the episode: Kate Beckinsale's cat...

Tabitha Brown is Our Mother

Viral TikTok sensation, Tabitha Brown joins Internetty this week to gab with Justin and Peyton. Also on today's episode: Robert Pattinson's disturbing pasta...

Facetime Dating and Dealbreakers

Comedian Rachel Sennott joins Peyton and Justin on this episode to discuss Grimes' baby, Chris Meloni's butt and dating during quarantine.

Keeping it Hot in Quarantine

On this week's episode of Internetty, Francesca Farago from Netflix's Too Hot To Handle calls in to talk to Justin and Peyton about dick molds, keeping the...

Best New York Accent?

After Peyton and Justin discuss their pits and peaks of the week, Nico Heller, aka "New York Nico," aka the unofficial talent scout of New York City, joins the...