The Jeffrey Epstein I Knew

How do you report on an individual who's more myth than man? In this 7-episode series, CNN's Vicky Ward, who first reported on Jeffrey Epstein almost 2 decades ago, takes listeners behind the scenes from recounting her first encounter with Epstein to unraveling the tangled web of enablers and admirers who surrounded him. You've seen the headlines, now go behind the story as we explore: Who was Jeffrey Epstein, really? Where did he get his money? And what were the circumstances surrounding his death?

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True Crime


Introducing "The Jeffrey Epstein I Knew"

Jeffrey Epstein may have died, but the enigma of who he was lives on. In this 7-part series, CNN's Vicky Ward takes you behind the scenes in a way no other...

Introducing "The Jeffrey Epstein I Knew"

For Almost two decades, Vicky Ward has been reporting on Jeffrey Epstein. And his story continues to unravel. Go beyond the headlines to hear a one-of-a-kind...