Ledlow & Parker

In a league that changes at the speed of social media, Kristen Ledlow & Candace Parker use their unique insight, knowledge & connections to keep up with the latest breaking storylines in "Ledlow & Parker". Every Tuesday, listeners will go behind-the-scenes with one of the league's most plugged-in insiders and one of the most decorated athletes to ever play the game. Ledlow & Parker go beyond with their guests, using their respected voices and in-the-know perspectives to discuss sports & culture.

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"Quarantine Party is a Go, Go!"

This week's "Ledlow & Parker" is jam packed! Kristen and Candace open the show with the latest news of some NBA practice facilities potentially opening up...

A Game of Chess with Isiah Thomas

On this week's episode, we open the show by showing our support to Karl-Anthony Towns and shine a light on how NBA players are making a positive impact during...

Social Distancing with Sue Bird

Just like everyone else out there, "Ledlow & Parker" is working from home in their first-ever remote record. Kristen & Candace catch up on what life...