Off The Menu

WCCO's Off The Menu with Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl


12-15-18 Off The Menu

There's a lot of buzz for a new Minneapolis gluten-free bakery. Sift owner Molly Miller tells us about her journey to opening this shop. We hear from longtime...

12-08-18 Off The Menu

Famed cookbook author Robin Asbell explains the basis behind her new offering about plant-based meats. In honor of the chat, Dara tells us her top meatless...

12-01-18 Off The Menu

Lindsay Jean-Hard gives us a primer on how to cook using food scraps. Chef John Howie explains his role with the Taste of the NFL. Plus, Dara offers up her top...

11-24-18 Off The Menu

Dara sits down with a couple of local restaurant owners, chatting with BRIM owner Kate Sidoti and Pajarito co-owner Tyge Nelson. Plus, renowned chef and Lucky...

11-10-18 Off The Menu

America's Test Kitchen chief creative officer Jack Bishop joins the program to talk about his new cookbook covering Italian cuisine. That inspires our host to...