Off The Menu

WCCO's Off The Menu with Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl


9-1-18 Off The Menu

This week from the State Fair porch, Dara chats with Dean Phillips (candidate for U.S. Congress), Destiny Brooks (owner of Mama D's Authentic Southern Cooking...

8-25-18 Off The Menu

Dara fills her plate during this first weekend of the Minnesota State Fair. We hear about Caribbean cooking with local restaurant owner Harry Singh and West...

8-4-18 Off The Menu

How has the Farm-to-Table movement evolved over time? McKinney Roe head chef Scott Pampuch was one of the first to introduce this trend. He stops by to discuss...

7-21-18 Off The Menu

Chef Lachelle Cunningham explains what Minnesota Soul Food is. Plus, we hear more about her latest business endeavors. Dara tells us her top recipes for all of...