More Than A Voice

The 'More Than A Voice' Podcast is a platform for candid and uninterrupted conversations with some of the most interesting and creative people in San Diego of various backgrounds, professions, and stages of life hosted by Smooth Jazz KIFM Radio Personality Ahmed Dents.
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Society and Culture


Ep. 24: Nasara & Makena Gargonnu

This episode I am joined by Nasara and Makena Gargonnu. We are talking about health, fitness, natural hair, and the 28th Annual Kuumba Festival at San Diego...

Ep. 23: Michael Oristian

Michael Oristian is a successful entrepreneur and entertainer who is running for Congress to represent the 53rd District in California. You can learn more...

Ep. 22: Jacque Crockford

My guest this episode is Jacque Crockford. Jacque is a volunteer with the Prison Yoga Project and an Exercise Physiologist at the American Council on Exercise.

Ep. 21: Tasha Williamson

On this episode I am joined by Tasha Williamson who is running for Mayor of San Diego. We discussed a wide range of issues facing San Diego and what she will...

Ep. 20: Cory Briggs

Cory Briggs is an Envoronmental Lawyer and 2020 candidate for San Diego City Attorney. Learn more about Cory at

The Feed: Dajahn Blevins

Ahmed and Brandee are joined by Dajahn Blevins, The San Diego Council District 4 representative to the Commission for Arts and Culture. The conversation ranged...