Oil and Gas Insider with Jay Young

Oil and Gas Insider with Jay Young is your “Go To Podcast” for investors
to be better informed on the different ways to participate in oil and gas.
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Demand for Oil and Gas

Demand for oil and gas isn’t solely increasing in the US, but internationally as well. This episode features discussion on how the oil and gas business was in...

How to NOT Invest in Oil and Gas

Most people are pitched promoted deals in oil and gas. The goal of this episode is stop investors from going into traditional, promoted oil and gas deals. As...

Tax Advantages

What are the tax advantages of direct investments in oil and gas? What are IDCs? What are active deductions for oil and gas? This episode covers how to invest...

What is Oil and Gas Insider?

You may want to know, “What is Oil and Gas Insider?” What is the purpose of this podcast? Who is King Operating and in particular, who is Jay Young? This...