The Organic Gardeners

Here’s an incredible source for tips and suggestions on how to grow a great
Western Pennsylvania garden. KDKA’s Organic Gardeners explores ways to
make digging in the dirt a natural and bountiful experience. The Organic
Gardeners are Doug Oster, an Emmy Award winning producer, host and garden
writer, and Jessica Walliser, a horticulturist, author and devoted bug lover.
The Organic Gardeners airs live Sundays at 7:00 AM on KDKA.
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Trouble With Your Trees?

Sunday, July 15th
Arbourist Dick Till from Davey Tree joins us to discuss summer storm tree care. Doug and Jess also talk to callers about managing tomato disease, growing...

Summer Sun Brings Fun!

Sunday, July 1st
Even though summer can be fun it can also bring some some garden woes. Today, Doug and Jess answered questions about tomato leaf curl, zucchini problems,...

Where To Put Your Plants.

Sunday, June 10th
Doug talks about how to choose the best plant for where you are planting in your yard. He also talks about proper spacing for plantd and touched on bee keeping.

Summer Garden Love Is Here!

Sunday, June 3rd
Davey Tree joins us for a conversation about summer tree care. Doug and Jess also answer questions about getting rid of thistles,pruning evergreens, and...