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Welcome to The Plot Thickens, a documentary podcast from Turner Classic Movies. Each season we’ll bring you a story about the movies and the people who make them. Our first season is about a young cinephile who quickly rose to become one of Hollywood's top directors. But Peter Bogdanovich soon found himself a victim of jealousy, hubris, public scorn – and a devastating crime. Along with host Ben Mankiewicz, Peter looks back on his life and tries to make sense of fame and failure. “I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich” is a remarkable story of loss, perseverance, and the solace of cinema.

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The Plot Thickens Podcast

Henry Fonda, John Wayne and James Stewart

Highlights from Peter Bogdanovich’s interviews with three of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars, who talk about the unique challenges of working with director and...
The Plot Thickens Podcast

Alfred Hitchcock

Peter Bogdanovich sits down with one of his filmmaking heroes, Alfred Hitchcock, for a wide-ranging conversation about Psycho, Vertigo, North by Northwest,...
The Plot Thickens Podcast

Howard Hawks

For our first bonus episode, Peter Bogdanovich interviews director Howard Hawks in the Palm Springs desert in April 1972. Hawks tells Peter how he got started...
The Plot Thickens Podcast

I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich

Grief-stricken for years, Peter finally goes back behind the camera and ends up shooting one of his most popular films. But he sues the studio before the movie...
The Plot Thickens Podcast


Alone for the first time, Peter finds love in an unexpected place: the Playboy Mansion. His passionate romance with Playmate Dorothy Stratten ignites his...
The Plot Thickens Podcast

Bogdanovich, The Misunderstood

Feeling betrayed, Orson Welles humiliates Peter on national television. So Peter heads overseas to shoot a daring new movie, filming in secret to evade...