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Join Andy Puddicombe every weekday morning to take a few moments to step out of the internal chatter and external noise. We'll pause and reflect to consider what brings us together in this shared human condition and how we can live a life that best reflects our limitless potential.

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Radio Headspace

Respect Your Transitions

We’re busy. Even now, when our homes have become our gyms, offices, and more, we tend to hop from activity to activity without pause. The mind feels softer and...
Radio Headspace

Don’t Be Afraid of Feeling

We’ve heard a lot of questions about happiness lately. Mostly, “is it bad if I’m feeling happy?” That assumes there is a choice in how we feel. That question...
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Why Don’t You Just Try It?

If you’re reexamining your life right now, you’re not alone. We’re taking stock of what we like and what we would like to change. But with change, no matter...
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We Are Who We Are

Getting along with other people doesn’t mean constant harmony or even agreement. We don’t have to always like what the people around us do. But we do have to...
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Would You Cut Your Lawn with Scissors?

Today is World Meditation Day and while it is a wonderful practice, the minutes you spend in meditation are quite small compared to the remaining time of each...