Really Healthy

Really Healthy is a show about how to find real health in the real world. It highlights fun, doable ways to improve your health through small and simple changes. There are no tricks, gimmicks or products to buy. The hosts, Scott Mitchell and Melanie Douglass discuss the hottest health trends, tackle tough questions, play games for a few laughs and issue weekly health challenges that you and your family can implement for lasting better health. Scott, former NFL and University of Utah quarterback, was once a contestant on The Biggest Loser. He lost 126 pounds, but it all came back and now he is determined to find a way to keep it off while still living his busy life. Melanie, a registered dietician and personal trainer for 20+ years (and busy mother of four!) is here to help Scott

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Moving Forward With Scott and Melanie

This episode has a big announcement about the show from Really Healthy podcast. We are taking a break. We also talk about carbonated beverages and whether they...

ARCHIVE: Sugar Addiction and Cheat Days

Is it possible to have a sugar addiction? Yes, in fact, it is. Melanie Douglass, RD, shares her tips and tricks to give up sugar and kick that addiction...

Debunking Food Myths

Have you heard that gluten free treats are better for you? How about carbs make you fat? Melanie Douglass, registered dietitian is debunking the most common...