Sit Downs With Stand Ups

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Jay Black

Thursday, November 16th
Comedian Jay Black talks with Chris Stigall about the Louis CK controversy and comedians battling their demons.

Nate Bargatze

Friday, September 22nd
Stand-up artist Nate Bargatze talks with Chris Stigall about working clean, how big Netflix comedy has gotten, and Jimmy Fallon vs Stephen Colbert and their...

Vinnie Brand

Friday, September 22nd
Vinnie Brand talks with Chris Stigall about how great stand-up comics perfect a joke, and how a joke goes from being just an idea into a well crafted punch-...

Sam Tripoli

Friday, September 22nd
Constant podcaster Sam Tripoli talked with Chris Stigall about his love for the medium of unscripted conversations and discussed why people form such an...

Jon Lovitz

Friday, September 22nd
Legendary SNL performer Jon Lovitz talks about picking parts, media coverage of stand up artists, and the time he turned down an opportunity to be in the...

Mitch Fatel and Chris Stigall

Friday, September 22nd
Stand-up artist Mitch Fatel joins Chris Stigall to launch the maiden voyage of the podcast. Life, marriage, and the art of comedy.