Join the Smosh family as we discuss current events, YouTube drama, give our unqualified and unsolicited advice, and whatever else is on our minds with Ian Hecox and a rotating panel of Smosh cast members, coworkers, and YouTuber guests.

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#55 - Podcast Courtney Hits Different

Courtney and Shayne welcome first time guest, Kimmy Jimenez to the pod! Kimmy talks about what it’s like being the new kid on the block at Smosh, her childhood...

#54 - Hold My Leash (Smosh Advice)

Ian, Damien, and Mari are here to give you some good ole advice on everything from getting your friends to vote to knowing when it’s the right time to break up...

#51 - Nerding Out with The Boys

Ian, Damien, and Shayne nerd out for the entire duration of this podcast on everything from video games to Ghanaian movie posters. Consider yourselves warned.