Stratagem: The Podcast

Stratagem: The Podcast is an audio party hosted by your favourite femmes where we discuss all things equity, inclusion and social justice. This podcast is part of a larger digital resource and virtual conference that you can find at, brought to you by professional social justice warriors at Cicely Blain Consulting.

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Stratagem: The Podcast

5: The Precarity of the 9-5

Work as we know it is about to change dramatically… or at least we hope that’s the case! In this episode, Becca, Udokam, and Mariana start off with a game of...
Stratagem: The Podcast

4: We love our matriarchs!

In this episode, Jillian, Kevonnie and Cicely Belle start off with some fun games before diving into some deep and meaningful conversations with special guests...
Stratagem: The Podcast

3: Are We Over Diversity?

Who else is tired of the term ‘diversity and inclusion’? In this episode, Cicely Belle, Jillian and Kevonnie take a deep dive into diversity. What does it...
Stratagem: The Podcast

2: Please Me!

Inspired by adrienne maree brown’s book Pleasure Activism, this episode tackles pleasure as a form of liberation! Cicely Belle, Becca and Joy get into a heated...
Stratagem: The Podcast

1: Justice at the End of the World

How else is there to start off our podcast series recorded entirely at a distance than to begin with chatting all things pandemic? In this episode Cicely Belle...