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Brady v Rodgers debate! (Hour 2)

Monday, July 16th
One v One time! Two great NFL QB’s, legends! Who would you take all time? Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers? Taz and AB debate which guy they believe is the all-time...

T.O vs the Hall Of Fame (Hour 1)

Friday, July 13th
Taz and Moose begin the show talking about the hottest topic of the day! The Hall Of Fame will not mention Terrell Owens because he is not showing up!?!?! Is...

LeBron v Brady (Hour 2)

Friday, July 13th
Taz and Moose release the newest segment to the show, "One v One" The biggest names in sports battle it out! We start off with some of the biggest names in...

We hear from "The Greek" (Hour 3)

Friday, July 13th
We kick off hour number three with "The Three" Your three biggest headlines of the day. NBA rumors and T.O. vs the Football Hall of Fame. We finally hear from...