The Oval Office Tapes

What if that soccer ball Vladimir Putin gave to President Trump was covered in microscopic transmitters? And what if President Trump insisted on keeping the ball in a place of great honor in the Oval Office? R.J. Cutler and Blumhouse Television present THE OVAL OFFICE TAPES. Finally, you’ll be able to listen in on all the conversations and phone calls taking place in the “room where it happens." Featuring your favorite Trump administration figures, family members, best friends and enemies, this dramatic podcast will give listeners unprecedented access to the White House, going behind-the-scenes of today's top news stories in a way we've never heard before. 

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10: Victim of the Year! Season One Finale!

In the first season finale, we watch the Fox News special “Victim of the Year,” we sit in on plans for the Donald J. Trump Presidential Roast and we listen to...

07: Make America's Greatest Hits Again

This week's episode is hosted by Judge Jeanine Pirro and features fan favorites from the Oval Office Tapes: Kim K's Counsel, Lyin' Ted, Spite, Ivanka 2020,...