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Tiki and Tierney 7-18-18 Hour 3

Wednesday, July 18th
Manfred says Trout needs to market himself better… is he right? l Are leagues responsible for marketing players or is it on the players? l Machado to the...

Tiki and Tierney 7-18-18 Hour 2

Wednesday, July 18th
Josh Hader responds to racial/ homophobic tweets from 7 years ago l Guest: Cylde Dexler, NBA Hall of Famer l Football At The 40

Tiki and Tierney 7-18-18 Hour 1

Wednesday, July 18th
Kawhi to the the Raptors...did the Spurs win the trade? l Raptors take Kawhi as a rental for a salary dump? l Inbounds Out of Bounds

Tiki and Tierney 7-17-18 Hour 3

Tuesday, July 17th
Machado likely to Phillies or Dodgers… is he worth a rental? Are either teams legit World Series contender? l Guest: Seneca Wallace, former NFL quarterback

Seneca Wallace - Former NFL QB

Tuesday, July 17th
The former Browns and Seahawks QB talks about his old teams and his new endeavor with the American Flag Football League... does the issue of concussions make...