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The world's most profitable company

Aramco, the secretive oil company that made Saudi Arabia rich, is going public after 86 years. Some say the timing couldn’t be worse. (Transcript here .)

Streaming: Infinity War

Disney+. Apple TV+. Netflix. HBO Max. Peacock. Which streaming service will win the great war to come? (Transcript here .)

Behind closed doors

This week the House released transcripts from closed-door impeachment testimonies. Vox's Andrew Prokop pored through them for revelations. (Transcript here .)

California Dreamin'

A new California law limits how early school can start in the state. (Transcript here .)

Inside a Trump rally

Last night at a Kentucky rally, President Trump's supporters ordered the media to "Do your job!" and reveal the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower. The Wall...

Just one year to go!

The election is now one year away. Ezra Klein offers Democrats a strategy to win in 2020. (Transcript here .)