Yo! Adrian

Former Boxer Holly "Lil Bear" Lawson and Rapper Glasses Malone bring you the latest news and opinions from the world of professional boxing.
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Where is Holly?

Glasses discusses Co-Star Holly "Lil Bear" Lawson's absence over beef with the network, Glasses speaks boxing with guest Peter Bas from The White Man's Opinion.

Rumble On Wilshire Blvd.

Holly & Glasses discuss Tyson Fury heading to Top Rank and where Triple G is headed and more on thhe boxing podcast that's just not about boxing, "Yo'...

Holly Strikes Back!

On this episode of "Yo Adrian" Holly call's Glasses out on his contrarian attitude, then the 2 discuss the role of the promoter in boxing, are they still...

1st Round K.O.

On the latest episode of "Yo Adrian" Holly & Glasses speak on the unlikely scenario of Glasses in the boxing ring, the impact streaming has had on boxing...