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8-4-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 3

Why do people hate Drake? Zas doesn't get it. The Panthers game starts during our show and Amber thinks that they tipoff in hockey. ESPN's Chiney Ogwumike...

8-4-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 1

Amber is working from Sarasota today. Zas and Amber never want to come back to the studio to work. The Heat lost yesterday to the Raptors. Amber listened to...

8-4-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 2

Today's theme is Drake and Zas claims to not know any of his songs. Miami Heat's TV announcer Jason Jackson joins the show for 15 Minutes of Heat. Zas is...

8-4-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 4

Amber remembers being made at Slim cause he doesn't like it when people sing at concerts. We revisit some Don Mattingly when he was on our show a month ago...

8-3-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 2

We continue with the discussion of Meyers Leonard not kneeling during the national anthem. Isan Diaz is out for the season. Is it possible that we have seen...

8-3-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 1

We have an abbreviated show today as your Miami Heat take on the Toronto Raptors @ 1:30. The Heat had a big win against the Denver Nuggets. Meyers Leonard...