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8-7-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 1

Zas is hungover from last night’s IG Live Happy Hour. He also had a dream that Pearl Jam was playing down here this weekend. The Miami Marlins are still the...

8-7-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 2

Amber is a big fan of today's rejoin theme. Reporter Tobin can't help himself as he infiltrates the Marlins Zoom press conference. Amber thinks getting hit in...

8-7-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 3

Zas hates when girls would say that they would listen to all music. Canes defensive end Greg Rousseau will opt out this due to the COVID outbreak and is...

8-7-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 4

Our girl "Hollywood" Joy Taylor keeps going back and forth with Twitter trolls. Who was the star of this week's edition of Flub Friday? You might be surprised...

8-6-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 3

Zas apologizes to Dwyane Wade for calling him a liar. Amber tells us a story from her dating past and how her BFF at the time was a total B. Big Deal/Not a Big...

8-6-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 4

Boog Sciambi joins the show today to talk about some MLB. Do you talk with your spouse during a car ride or listen to your own thing? Zas doesn't understand...