Michael Vick Doesn't Think Eagles Can Ask Carson Wentz to Change Playing Style


(SportsRadio 94 WIP) -- A lot is being made, at least locally, of Carson Wentz's style play. Is it too reckless? Does he need to protect his body more?

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Former Eagles QB Michael Vick, who certainly knows a thing or two about playing the QB position a little recklessly, joined Jon Marks and his former teammate Ike Reese on Wednesday's 94WIP Marks & Reese Show.

"Well I don't think you ask a person in his fourth season to change too much," Vick said of Wentz's style of play. "I think his game is what it is and it shows and when he's effective doing it, he's doing it really well. But you put yourself in harms when you play the position from a mobile standpoint. I don't think you ask him to change that at this point in his career. It's what they got him for, it's what they paid him for, and he deserves to go out and execute and find a way to take care of his body."

Wentz has played 42 of 50 regular season games, but has missed back to back postseasons due to injuries. In Sunday's loss to Atlanta, Wentz was checked for a concussion and then later went head first into the end zone, which scared many fans.

Vick talked about how he became smarter as he got older. 

"Early on it wasn't no balance, Ike," Vick said of himself, when asked about protecting his body. "I was full throttle. I had to move the chains and that was my way of making it happen. I believed in my arm and I believed in my legs. It wasn't until late in my career when I was in Philadelphia, until I had to understand what accountability really means. If I'm the best guy to give us a chance to win the game, I really have to find a way to cut back on running the football. And still it was hard to do because it was hard to do. Once I got out of the pocket and receivers weren't open down the field, I know I can get eight (yards), I'm gonna get eight. Just wasn't smart at protecting myself when I did. I probably would do it different if I had to do it all over again. I wouldn't change my style, I would just change my smarts."