Uniquely Boston: Middleboro's Finest and Her Jelly Donut!

Zoe is a true Massachusetts gal.
Jelly Donut
Photo credit arina7 - Getty Images

This local celeb knows how to get what she wants.

Zoe, a beautiful horse, and a permanent resident of Bradford Stables in Middleboro has taken over the Internet. And, for good reason.

Just like your favorite townie Uncle, Zoe starts each morning off with her favorite item from Dunkin Donuts - a jelly donut. Zoe gets this special treat because of how much medication she takes each day. Zoe suffers from an unknown tickborne illness, and the people working at Bradford Stables have realized the only way to get Zoe to take her meds is if they are shoved inside the jelly donut.

Zoe has gone viral over the last couple months on TikTok. Users wait to see Zoe's daily dose of the jelly donut and love to start their day watching Zoe's "morning snack."

Amy Bradford said, “Zoe is my pride and joy,. She’s just the smartest horse I’ve ever known in my life.”

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