Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker Blast Through Rage Against The Machine Cover

The duo recorded the song after marching in George Floyd protests

Rage Against The Machine’s 1992 track “Killing In The Name” is one of the group’s signature songs and widely used as a protest anthem.

Having both taken part in the George Floyd protests in Los Angeles, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker released a new collaboration featuring a cover of the Rage Against The Machine classic.

“They wrote this song in 1992. It’s been 28 years since, and every word still applies,” MGK wrote in an Instagram post.

Kelly has been in attendance at the Los Angeles protests for nearly a week straight. Alongside Barker, musicians like YUNGBLUD and Mod Sun have joined Kelly at the protests.

This isn’t the first time MGK and Barker have teamed up together (and YUNGBLUD for that matter) on a collaboration. Back in June 2019, the trio came together for the song “I Think I’m OKAY,” which ended up on Machine Gun Kelly’s latest album Hotel Diablo.

"We love working together so much that we’ve said if the music video gets 100 million views and the song goes platinum then me, Travis and Machine Gun Kelly will do an EP together and potentially a tour,” YUNGBLUD said at the time.

While tours have been put on hold for the time being, MGK and Barker are working together on a new album called Tickets To My Downfall.

The album veers away from Kelly’s traditional Hip Hop records and will see the artist taking a pop-punk approach.

Barker has been on a fast pace lately when it comes to collaborations. He recently teamed up with Post Malone to play drums on Malone’s livestream Nirvana concert. He had such a great time during the session that Malone invited him back to Utah for further jam sessions. No word on whether or not those recordings will come to fruition, but it’s an exciting prospect.

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