Aldi is bringing Chicago-style deep dish pizza to a store near you


If you’re not in the Chicagoland area but craving a deep dish pizza, Aldi has a solution for you.

The German supermarket chain is stocking its shelves with a frozen Chicago-style deep dish pizza later this month.

On January 20, Aldi stores will carry the regional pizza by Mama Cozzi.

All you have to do is plop it in the oven to enjoy the signature (and controversial) delicacy of the Windy City.

Once it’s ready, the pizza will boast a mozzarella cheese atop tomato sauce that’s nestled perfectly inside a golden crust.

It might not be as delicious as a freshly-baked pie from Lou Malnati’s or Giordano’s, but amid the pandemic, it’s still a great way to get the best of what Chicago has to offer without even hopping on a plane.

For those not familiar with Chicago-style deep dish, the pizza typically has a thick and high edge, which allows for ample amounts of cheese, tomato sauce, and other fillings like meat and veggies to be piled inside.

Since the pizza is so thick, it requires a longer baking time, which is why the pizza will oftentimes be assembled upside-down with the cheese at the bottom and the sauce on top.

If you don’t feel like waiting a few weeks, you can run to your nearest Aldi right now as they have a frozen Gino’s East deep dish pizza – both deluxe cheese and/or sausage – waiting for you in the freezer section for less than $7!

While it may not be labeled “Chicago-style,” it’s authentic as ever as the restaurant-chain opened its first location on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.

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