Couple comes across walls of whiskey hidden in ‘bootlegger bungalow’


When Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker moved into their new home in Ames, New York, they knew it had some history.

The couple was instantly interested and purchased the 105-year-old fixer-upper house in 2019 for around $183,000, the New York Post reported.

As the 30-year-old and his 29-year-old partner were renovating the home, that’s when they discovered the pretty neat find in the new house.

They soon found out their home was formerly owned by Adolph Humphner, the man known as the “Mystery Man of the Mohawk Valley.” It has been known that Humphner was a bootlegger during Prohibition.

Once the couple started removing some rotten exterior from the house, they found a package that was wrapped in string, paper, and old straw, which fell out of the wall.

“At first I just assumed it was insulation or something,” Drummond said.
When Drummond looked again, he found that it was six bottles of Old Smuggler whiskey that were made in 1923. He didn’t find just one bottle. He found stashes of whiskey inside the walls.

All of a sudden, Drummond realized that Humphner was a bootlegger.

The couple then explored the home, where they found another stash hidden beneath the home’s floorboards.

When it comes to fixing up their home, the couple says they are slowly renovating the house to search for more hidden bottles.

“Give me bundles of cash, give me jewels. Give me something, right?” Drummond said. “There’s got to be more in this house.”

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