RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: David Guetta is ready to let love lead

The world needs a 'happy song'

David Guetta has just wanted one thing for us throughout this time in the pandemic. Guetta, with the help of the all-powerful Sia, says “Let’s Love.” The famed DJ and producer has used the common bond and kinship that underscores EDM music to keep us connected on one beat.

During a RADIO.COM Live Check In with Natasha Castles, Guetta’s upbeat attitude and overall joyous spirit served as the perfect distraction from the 2020 Election roller coaster we were all facing last week.

When asked about his second collaboration with Sia on “Let’s Love” and the pressure to create something as culturally impactful as “Titanium,” the famed DJ and producer explained, “To be honest this is really a confinement record. This is all about what has been happening.” He tells us that after Ultra, Miami’s beloved EDM music festival had been canceled, he was home watching the news and texted Sia because he felt the whole world needed “a happy song.”

The new song is all about uniting through one sound, which is a sentiment frequently present in the EDM scene. So much love and connection are built at major festivals and EDM events, but with the inability to gather in a festival-type setting at the moment, Guetta is here to keep us going. “The record is about going through this hard time together and not against each other. I feel like we are living in a time where there is so much pressure between communities, between countries, like everybody is blaming everybody… this is really a moment where the world needs love and unity," David adamantly adds.

Guetta engineered the song on his laptop in Miami, while Sia recorded and cut her own vocals in her house in Los Angeles.

Guetta, whose career has been prolific, to say the least, tells us that although he’s been at it for 20 years, and has watched trends in music come and go, he still creates “with as much passion and maybe even more.” David explains that once you become a successful artist your life gets bogged down with being on the road, more business meetings, interviews, and things that take time away from being able to create, so when he does have time to sit down and make new music he really values the time. That’s why life in quarantine has been really important for him and good for his music.

Most recently Guetta has been experimenting with new sounds. His work with DJ and producer, MORTEN has lead to the “Future Rave” sound which has created a huge cultural impact within the EDM scene. In fact, David most recently released a Future Rave remix of “Let’s Love.” “For a few years I was trying to always like do what I did in the past, which was a combine… underground electronic dance music with a pop song, and now it’s like ok… when I do club records or festival records I’m going to go one hundred percent, and it’s ok to go one hundred percent pop, which is what I did with 'Let’s Love' with Sia,” says David.

For more from David Guetta watch his full interview above.

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