RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: Dua Lipa on her plan to take us on rocket-fueled ride through the decades

So you better buckle up

Dua Lipa has pretty much had us “Levitating” since the end of March with the release of her sophomore album Future Nostalgia. And today she checked in with RADIO.COM's Julia to talk all things Studio 2054, now please excuse us while we check our pulse.

Oh you know, Studio 2054, just the epic virtual livestream event taking place on November 27. Being described as a “kaleidoscopic rocket-fueled journey through time, space, mirrorballs, roller discos, bucket hats, belting beats, throbbing baselines and an absolute slam dunk of the best times in global club culture throughout the decades.” Sooo, yeah, you’re welcome.

Taking time away from her busy rehearsal schedule, Dua clued us in on what to expect. Besides live performances Dua promises it to be “much more than that,” the theatrical show will feature “lots of guest appearances, guest performers and custom built sets… it’ll be really fun, I’m excited for you guys to see it.”

Girl, if your excited, we’re ecstatic, like beyond.

As far as the evening’s guest list, well, Dua is keeping that to herself for now. However, she did announce that Angèle, who she collaborated with on her latest single “Fever,” will be in attendance.

Next, Dua enlightened us on the creative process behind the events’ conceptualization. Explaining “well I guess it began with the play on words, with Studio 2054, and that being again alluding to Future Nostalgia and bringing something modern but at the same time touching on lots of different moments in time, and lots of genres and decades.”

Dua had a very ambitious and clear vision for what she wanted, she further elaborated, “going from like wanting to have roller rinks and wanting to have raves, and wanting to have an 80s TV show, it basically just takes you through the decades all the way throughout.”

Adding, “It’s fun… it’s very much in true Future Nostalgia fashion, in wanting to bring all those elements in together and creating something new, but also something that feels reminiscent to an era that maybe you’ve seen before or been a part of… whatever that may be, it’s just bringing that to life."

Looking at her album art, music videos, her past performances and even her street style, it’s safe to say Dua is a super visual artist. So without even having to ask, we knew her plans for Studio 2054 we’re going to be epic. Don’t worry, we asked anyway, Julia even inquired if the process involved mood boards.

Not holding back with both her answer and her plans, Dua let us know, “oh yeah absolutely, especially with every set, what outfit goes with it, what’s the color scheme for it, what are we gonna do, what it’s going to look like, what the lights are gonna be like, all those things are super important.”

She continued, “I love it, I feel like a lot of the time when I write music, I envision what the music videos are gonna look like, or like where thats gonna take me, specially for like ‘Levitating’ for example” Dua said that when she was making the song it felt like “an Austin Powers-esque type video, like that’s all I could imagine.”

For Dua it’s super important to build on those ideas she has while writing songs, “bringing it to life in different ways that makes it interesting for everyone at home, especially during this time when we cant really be together.” To “create something that still feels exciting and that we can all be a part of.”

Okay seriously, we already have our ticket, but after all of that, if you still don’t, we’ll make things easy for you, just click here.

Besides discussing the epic-ness that will be Studio 2054, Dua and Julia also chatted about how Dua recently had the incredible opportunity to hop on an Instagram Live with Elton John. As well as what she’s learned from working with incredible artists like Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Missy Elliott. How 2020 has been both “amazing and difficult” all at the same time. Julia even turned the tables and asked Dua a question she asked Elton during their Live. Which is, out of all the artists she’s worked with, who is the most fun and who is the most naughty?

To find out the answers and so much more check out the entire interview above.

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