RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: G-Eazy is going back to his roots for his upcoming album

G-Eazy is leaning in on his 'day-ones'

On the heels of his release of “Hate The Way” G-Eazy sat down with RADIO.COM's Yesi Ortiz for a RADIO.COM LIVE Check In to share all the details of his collaboration with blackbear, and more.

The artist, who recently escaped to New York for a brief respite from the Los Angeles heat, says he’s tried to slow down and “take a bit more care” in everything that he’s doing. “A lot of us were going too fast,” explains the artist.

However, even though G-Eazy has learned to slow down, his music is still flowing. During the pandemic, he’s been chipping away at a new album. “Hate The Way,” his freshly released track with blackbear, is the first foray into the new music Gerald is bestowing upon us. “When you remove everything else that you would typically be distracted by, or be outside doing, or traveling to, you know all you can do is record…”

When it came to working with blackbear, it was a no-brainer for the rapper. G-Eazy and blackbear were friends before working together. G-Eazy is an advocate of working with friends he says. He adds “When you do a song that’s going to be a single it can be a roller coaster ride, you want to share that experience, that success, those highs…you get to share that with somebody you genuinely actually have a relationship with. To win with the homies is the cleanest.”

This upcoming album will be a full-circle moment for G-Eazy. He’s collaborating with people who contributed to his first album and going back to his roots. The “Back To What You Knew” rapper is leaning on his “day-ones” and people who came up with him to create something particularly solid. The rapper says the album is “me coming back home and reminding people of who I am.” Additionally, we can expect features from Chris Brown and Demi Lovato on the upcoming record.

“I’m grateful that anybody cares about what I do. I’m especially grateful that I get to do this for a living…throughout my maturation and growth, I just try to keep a level head and you know stay balanced and grounded,” explains G-Eazy as he discusses the path of his career.

For more from G-Eazy watch his full interview above.

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