An Open Letter To The Class Of 2020

By MIX 105.1

Dear class of 2020,

I'm going to state the obvious here, but you've been robbed of a normal senior year. A year that was supposed to be the pivitol moment where you accept the privelage of growing into adulthood and stepping into the "real world," and it has been anything but normal.

This year should have been full of pep rallies, football games, nights on the town with friends getting slap happy in a Sonic parking lot, charity car washes, SAT and ACT exams, college acceptance emails, prom, and a little thing called graudation.

However, Covid19 came into the picture and took a lot of those things away. 

To quote a Miley Cyrus song, it came in like a wrecking ball and shattered your final memories of your childhood.

We'd expect and accept to see you moping and bitter that you can't go to prom, that your graduations may be virtual or even postponed and interefere with any summer college plans, and instead what we've seen is a generation of humans accept these weird times with poise and rationality. (Had to quote Panic! At The Disco here.)

I've seen countless videos of girls getting all dolled up in their prom dresses and enjoying a night in with their families. Sometimes, the entire family gets all gussied up, enjoys a great meal, and dances the night away in their living room.

I've seen kids adapting to virtual learning like professionals. Even some seniors helping their younger siblings with school work while their parents take on remote work and conference calls and countless Zoom meetings.

What we've seen from Gen Z is a shift in the tone of how society acts towards Gen Z. 

Sure, just a year ago everyone was making fun of you for a handful of kids eating Tide Pods and posting the videos on the internet. (A headline that quickly turned society's focus from millennials to Gen Z. For that, we thank you.) 

However now, we applaud your quick adapting to this weird and turbulent time and how you've composed yourselves. You give me hope that one day, when the torch is passed to you to lead our society, that you'll make smart and efficient decisions. 

In 10 years at your high school reunion, you'll look back and realize just how mature you were and maybe then you can finally have your senior prom. 

Seriously though, you've inspired this millennial in ways you couldn't even imagine. 


CJ (Class of 2008)