Change Up Your View, Move Your Furniture

By MIX 105.1

After sitting in my living room for 3 weeks, I was tired of staring at the same things over and over.

We're going stir crazy sitting in our homes and only going out for essnetial trips, so a great way to combat that... change your furniture layout!

We did this all the time growing up. 

My mom would swap rooms around, move furniture layout, and even change out pillows.

Just a simple swap like this could actually help make things "new" again and trick your brain into thinking you've done something drastic. (Which, depending on the weight of your furniture, it could be lol.)

I did this in my living room, and not only do I love my new set up, but I also realized how much bigger it makes the space!

It helped me a bit... so maybe it'll help you! Try it!