You'll Spend Two Extra Months In A Relationship To Avoid Breaking-Up

By MIX 105.1

When you realize it's time to end a relationship, do you break-up with the person immediately or will you drag it out for way too long? If you say you avoid the break-up and drag it out, you're not alone.

According to The Sun, the average person says they'll usually spend two extra months in a relationship with someone they're going to dump before finally calling it quits. But why do we drag it out so long? They say these are the 10 reasons why they drag it out:


1.  To put off hurting the person's feelings.

2.  Just waiting for the right time. (Stall!)

3.  Not knowing how to end things.

4.  Figuring out the right things to say.

5.  Worrying about how they'll react.

6.  A holiday is approaching, so waiting until it's over.

7.  A fear of being alone.

8.  Needing time to plan the breakup.

9.  Their birthday is approaching, so waiting until it's over.

10.  To avoid the hassle of dividing up their stuff.