Walmart announced they're having 3 "Black Friday" shopping days

By MIX 105.1

Do you remember earlier in the year when some of your favorite places to shop for the holidays were canceling their Black Friday shopping days? Well, Walmart doesn't want you to miss out on some great deals, but they also want to make it as safe as possible by cutting down on crowds. 

So, their plan is to have three Black Fridays in their stores instead.  By having more than one opportunity to snag some great deals, they're hoping the crowd sizes will be smaller and shoppers can remain socially distanced.

According to NBC News, their Black Friday for toys, electronics, and home products is on November 7th.

Black Friday for computers, movies and music is November 14th.

Those are both Saturdays, by the way.  And then their final Black Friday is on the day itself, November 27th. 

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