10 rules to follow when you're on a first date

By MIX 105.1

Dating is a little different right now and virtual first dates have become a thing.  But even if you're having a first date on Zoom, I think all of these first date rules still apply.  A recent poll asked people to name the most important rules to follow on a first date and here are the top ten from The Sun:



1.  Be on time! Especially if it's virtually, you have no excuse for being late. "Traffic was bad" won't cut it here.

2.  Be a good listener and pay attention.

3.  Don't talk about your ex.

4.  Make them laugh.

5.  Keep the conversation light.

6.  Stay off your phone.

7.  Maintain eye contact.

8.  Don't be afraid to smile!

9.  Don't tell them your whole life story.

10.  Don't take yourself too seriously. 


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