A new wristband tells your boss if you're in a bad mood

grumpy at work
Photo credit (Getty Images/OtmarW)

Your boss wants you to be happy at work, right? It looks bad if you have a bunch of grumpy employees, so of course he or she wants you to be happy!

Well, there's a new device called Moodbeam and it's a wristband that lets your boss know how you're feeling.

According to BBC, the Moodbeam has two buttons: A yellow one and a blue one. You're supposed to hit the yellow one when you're happy and the blue one when you're sad, so your company can keep an eye on your mental health.

The people behind Moodbeam say they made them because, "Businesses are trying to get on top of staying connected with staff working from home. Here, they can ask 500 members, 'You okay?' without picking up the phone."