6 dishes made with beer to try at home!

Why not celebrating Thanksgiving with some different side dishes!

You know I'm a foodie , and many recipes call for cooking with alcohol, so we can't leave the beer of course!

I managed to find an article of things you can make with beer to make sure your Thanksgiving doesn't only include the boozy favorites, but the best snacks made from it too!

What's one of my favorite things on the planet, is tacos. There's never a bad time for tacos. Now you can jazz them up by making BEER BATTERED SHRIMP TACOS!

If you're not a fan of seafood, that's ok.... how about some BEER BATTERED ONION RINGS? Martha Stewart is a genius, and when it comes to her recipes, there's nothing I won't try.

If you're looking for something more filling, especially if you're watching a game - you're going to love BEER CHILI! A perfect dish or side. grab some crackers and dig in.

You know what else I love with chili? HOT DOGS! Better yet, BEER CHEESE BRATS! Yes, you're reading this right, beer on beer on beer on meat on cheese.

Now we need more comfort food. What's Drinksgiving without BEER MAC N CHEESE. I made this during a 'BIG' football game one year... and it was such a crowd pleaser. Now it's a must, each time.

So I know we'll be stuffed with turkey, but those who don't want so much melatonin....behold.....BEER CAN CHICKEN! THIS i've actually been dying to try. I've heard great things, and I have no doubts that it'll be delicious.

We're making sure you are all prepared for Thanksgiving, and remember, it could loosen up your in laws too and those 'lovely' family conversations... Wait, that's more of a you gift. Let's just say it'll please everyone!