It's National Cheese Lovers Day - here's the cheese Florida is most obsessed with


Today is maybe the most under-celebrated holiday of the year - National Cheese Lover's Day. Why are we not exchanging gifts of cheese to each other like it was Christmas? We absolutely should be. Cheese is maybe the most consistently delicious ingredient in the entire food universe.

In honor of National Cheese Lover's Day, a study was done to find which specific type of cheese each state googled the most. Based on that, apparently in Florida it's Queso that we are most obsessed with. PERFECT. I wouldn't want it any other way. In fact, I feel bad for states who aren't as obsessed with Queso as we are. What's not to love? It goes perfectly on burritos, tacos, tortilla chips, ham sandwiches, you could drink it from a straw and it would still be enjoyable.

So go and celebrate National Cheese Lover's Day the way it should be celebrated, by eating lots and lots of cheese. If you need ideas, I'll personally be ordering a burrito from Chipotle that is so smothered in Queso that I have to eat it in the bathtub.

To see the full list of states and the cheeses they are obsessed with, click HERE.