Drinking games to partake in for your long Thanksgiving weekend!

Maybe it'll be a good thing to appoint a DD!

If you're in the mood to be social and safe, playing some drinking games with your favorite beer or alcohol, could definitely liven up your party.

I've definitely played a few of these, but I was really surprised with what I found. THANNNNK YOU Internet! My go to's are normally Flip Cup and Beer Pong....The Whisper Game sounds fun, and Ring of Fire is only for those nights where I know I'm staying put in one place. It's the hard core one in my opinion. So make sure you grab your card decks, and solo cups full of beer for a real fun time this weekend.

1- Beer Pong
2-Flip Cup
4- Most Likely To
5- Spin The Heineken (Bottle)
6- Arrogance
8-The Whisper Game
9-What's My Problem?
10- The Matrix Drinking Game
11-The Forehead Master
13- Hockey
14- Pizza Box
15- Ring of Fire (Kings Cup)

You can find an explanation of each game HERE. And remember, ALWAYS drink responsibly.