Tokyo Disneyland's 'Alice In Wonderland' Restaurant is AMAZING!

Booking my ticket ASAP
Pre Covid Photo
Pre Covid Photo Disneland Paris Photo credit Susie

In a new article from Disney Tourist Blog, I was blown away at these photos of the new 'Alice in Wonderland' restaurant!

Let's be honest, hard core Alice fans know that not many places have too many Wonderland activities. Disneyland Paris and Shanghai happen to have an incredible maze (see pre COVID , 2019 engagement trip to France). But we have tea cups here and a cafe. It's seriously such an underrated movie. If Belle deserves Be Our Guest restaurant, we deserve a sort of Wonderland, AMIRIGHT?

The restaurant is adorned with everything you can think of. You walk through a huge door, onto a chess board and of course, playing cards as trays and guards throughout. They also celebrate 'UNbirthdays' too!

You can see all the photos and the story of how the restaurant came to be HERE. I can't wait to go , once I can 'finally' honeymoon!