Engineers create breathalyzer COVID-19 test that they say gives results in one minute

By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

An engineering group from Texas A&M University says they have developed a new breathalyzer COVID-19 test that will give results in less than a minute.

The test is built into a kiosk. Users can blow into a copper inlet with a disposable straw, and test results can be sent to their smartphone in less than a minute. Developers say it uses artificial intelligence to provide nearly instant results.

"The more data we can continue to collect the smarter our machine is going to get," says Rob Gorham with the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.

Gorham says they are partnering with Dallas-based, World's Inc., and the Air Force's Disruptive Technology Team in the Pentagon. He says prototypes will arrive soon at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio to be tried out on people reporting for basic training.

Gorham says he hopes these devices will one day be outside the entrances of Air Force bases all over the United States , as well as sports venues, office buildings, churches and other buildings around the world.

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