Lauren Jauregui Knows Self-Care Is a Daily Struggle

'These are lessons that I’m learning'

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When former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui stopped by our studios she spoke of the importance of self-care and how she has learned to make it a priority.

Without keeping your own self a priority, "everything else falters,” the singer explains.

“To be honest, sometimes I have those moments and those epiphanies, and sometimes I really don’t. It just depends on how intense the attack is, of the anxiety,” she continues. “Sometimes it’s also coupled with depression, so that mentality is kind of hard to just get out of, when you’re kind of drowning in all of the negativity that you see around you.

"It depends on what I’m going through to be honest. Some days I’m really great, and some days I’m really not," Lauren says of her own mental health. "Sometimes the fans can see that, and sometimes they can’t. That doesn’t change the way that I have to navigate and be present as much as possible.”

“Learning to do self-care and learning to actually discipline yourself with the self-care -- and know that that's a priority that needs to take place in your life... These are lessons that I’m learning, I’m saying them because I’ve been told this many times,” the singer admits.

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