EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor' Alum Chelsea Roy Reveals Who She Left 'Paradise' With


(MIX 104.1) - Attention Bachelor Nation! Chelsea Roy may have received the first impression rose on Arie Luyendyk's season of "The Bachelor" but today, she definitely stealing our attention. The reality show alum spilled all the juicy show secrets, especially when it came to what went down on Season 5 of "Bachelor In Paradise."

"There is a lot that they don't show just because there are so many couples, there's so much drama going on, so they are trying to make this show short and sweet but grab your attention" she told RADIO.COM’s Karson & Kennedy from Mix 104.1. "My story was definitely not shown -- towards the end they actually...made it look like I was trying to steal Kamil from Annaliese!" 

When asked if she ever met a man that she fell for from "The Bachelor" or "Bachelor In Paradise," she revealed, "I did, but they didn't show it!" To clarify, it was definitely NOT Arie! Well, as luck would have it, someone ended up coming to "Paradise" the same night as all the Kamil drama, who she also said she wasn't interested in at all.

"That same night someone came to "Paradise" to rescue me. Somebody that I couldn't stop thinking about and somebody that didn't get my rose because I was playing my card safe." Roy ended up dating this person for a few months, but ended up calling it quits because the distance wasn't working. Before opening up about who it was, she stated, "You guys are not going to believe this, I'm going to get judged!"

You'll never guess who this man was.........IT WAS NICK SPETSAS!

If you follow Reality Steve at all, you may have seen some of his spoilers of this duo together from June 2018. "[We dated> a couple months, but then I realized that distance was becoming an issue because we were both settling into our careers in our respective states...unfortunately it didn't work out." Nick Speastas, "the Italian lawyer from Jersey now living in Florida," originally came into the franchise on Becca's season of "The Bachelorette" and was eliminated in the 4th week. Roy resides in Portland, ME and Spestas is still a lawyer down in Miami, FL.

Roy also discussed what it was like being a mother and going on this show. "It's definitely difficult dating with a child, which is why I took advantage of the show because I could disconnect a little bit and really focus on what my needs were." 

We also got to learn a lot more juicy secrets about the show and Roy's answers definitely might debunk some common myths about whether what happens on the show is truly real love. "There are people that go on and they are definitely acting, but they don't last long. If you are open to understanding the amount of time you have disconnected from the world and actually spend time investigating and gettiing to know someone, it definitely works." There's no phones, no newspapers, no nothing....

"You can't call mom to cry -- you don't have your normal support system that you have to figure out for yourself, and by doing that you're actually figuring out with somebody else because you have no choice but to talk. It really is something that works!"

Listen to the full interview above to hear even more secrets from the show. Until next time Bachelor Nation.....