104-year-old woman released from hospital after recovering from COVID and flu


Dorothy Swan is a true warrior.

The 104-year-old Texas grandmother has beaten both coronavirus and the flu just as her birthday is approaching, reported WPXI 11 News.

Swan and nine of her family members contracted the novel virus from a holiday gathering on Christmas.

“So we all got together at Christmas and that’s when we all got, somewhere there was COVID, and we ended up with 10 of us with COVID,” Swan’s 78-year-old daughter, Diana Roberts, told the outlet.

On New Year’s Day, Swan was hospitalized and put on oxygen.

“They did tests for heart or stroke stuff but it did turn out to be COVID and the two strains of flu,” Roberts added.

Although doctors said Swan’s initial prognosis “could go either way during the night,” the centenarian wound up making a swift recovery.

“We thought of it because of her age, of course, and that’s why we were completely surprised and happy when they said she’s doing great!” her daughter shared to NBCDFW. “She's just a fighter, always has been.”

Earlier this week, the hospital shared the good news following Swan’s release after five days at  the facility.

“We were happy to see 104-year-old Dorothy Swan go home last week following treatment for COVID-19, Influenza A and Influenza B,” the hospital captioned an image of Swan celebrating her birthday last year.

“Dorothy, who has raised five children, is excited to be home. She is looking forward to her 105th birthday next month and a ride on her son’s motorcycle, an annual birthday tradition.”

All nine of Swan’s family members who contacted COVID have also recovered after feeling mostly mild symptoms.

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