Cardi B asked the internet for acne advice, and they came through

'I need ya help tho...'
Cardi B
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Skincare routines transcend fame, fortune, and success. If you have a good regiment, tip, or trick for perfectly clear skin, then you likely have everyone’s attention, and Cardi B is not one to shy away from some good internet skincare advice.

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On Monday the rapper took to Twitter to ask her fans how to deal with the “uncomfortable” dry skin and breakouts she’s been trying to tame for the last couple of months.

Cardi implored, “I need ya help tho....” In a string of Tweets, the “WAP” singer asks, “I been breaking out lately and my face is extremely dry. I don't think these products are working. I think it's the water out here.... What are some good products for little black heads, break outs and dry skin on your face?"

Then the artist shared an image of her cheek to show us what her breakouts look like. “This is my cheek… It’s been happening for like 3 months now… S*** really is uncomfortable,” writes Cardi.

Fans took to the comments to recommend products such as Cetaphil, CeraVe, and Clinique. But, Cardi responded saying she’s tried all of those and that “It really don’t work for me.”

Then the “Be Careful” rapper went into detail about visiting a dermatologist who prescribed retinol for her, but it made her face “burn” and dry out even further. When followers explained that retinol treatments usually have a purging phase Cardi explained, “I don't got time for that and didn't give me a reason on why I'm breaking out. I never broke out on my cheeks and chin before."

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Then Cardi decided that she would “go to a good dermatologist that do blood testing and everything. Get to the root of the problem but I don't know any." Fans once again swooped and suggested that Belcalis see a Black esthetician, however, Cardi claimed, “there is NONE in LA. I know some in NY but I don't think I'm going home anytime soon."

Finally, Kehlani stepped in and recommended the New York esthetician, Sean Garette. Cardi concluded, “Ok @Kehlani recommended me, somebody, for my face ...Imma give ya a update in 2 weeks .....I'm off this for a while ...LOVE YA."

For the time being Kulture's mom shared that she was going to attempt a homemade face mask her mom recommended before getting a professional facial.

We'll stay tuned to the Cardi B skincare saga and keep you up to date.

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